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The Family Meeting

A rushed phone call to my father was the first of many made. My father and I were far from close. Yet, for some reason I had the urge to call him. I ceried to him when he picked up the phone, that I was dying. I had cancer. My life was over. What wouls happen to my daughter?

He was crying, on the other end, not something that I had never imagined he would do. In tearful words he told me we would fight this together. He told me to call my mom at work and let her. In fifteen minutes I was clutched in my parents arms like a toddler who had broke his or her arm.

Though there was so much love around me, I was numb. I could only think about how I was going to have to say goodbye to my daughter. Ever since she was born I had spent every second with her. She was spoiled and my baby. What would happen to her if I had to leave her?

I was rushed to the place that said my pap came back cancerous. My mom was with me because I was falling apart. They showed some pictures of where the cancer was located and said sugery would probably get it all. They just said that they couldn't do anymore at their clinic.

I told the lady that I had no insurance and there was no way I could ever afford surgery. She explained to me about breast and cervical cancer Medicaid for people in my situation and that I could sign up for that. And see where it would get me.

Later that day we had a family meeting with my gradparents, uncle, and my parents. That day I decided that I would stand up and fight this for my daughter. I had to do what was best for her. I called the doctor's office and told them my diagnosis and they set me up an appointment for three days later.

I had begun to be strong on the outside, but on the inside I was falling apart.

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plentymorefishoutofwater said...

This is so moving and we're just at the start of your journey. I feel emotionally attached to this blog - guess that's what we're all after!

Blondie said...

I am glad you are on the journey with me..


IamNoOne said...

I may not be in your situation but I am encouraging you to be strong. There is a reason why God gave you this burden. And God will not give you a cross you could not carry. Just go on with your life and fight. You have the reason to live, that is your daughter. Join support group to strengthen your hope.

ness here...

Anonymous said...


Blondie said...

Thanks to everyone!!

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